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Germany is getting ready to allow people to grow cannabis at home.

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Germany is going to decriminalize home growing and possession of cannabis as of April 1st, in a historic move. With this historic ruling, the nation’s attitude on cannabis will no longer be based on the drug’s classification under German law.

Adults will be able to own up to 50 grams of cannabis at home and up to 25 grams in public according the new law. Furthermore, people will be permitted to grow up to three cannabis plants. In addition, starting in July, private “cannabis clubs” will be able to provide its members with restricted amounts of cannabis.

Prominent cannabis campaigner Steffen Geyer praised the new law as a good step forward, highlighting its ability to lower prosecutions and allow cannabis users to reintegrate into society without fear of shame or incarceration.

The rule does, however, have some limitations, such as age restrictions and no smoking in designated areas like sports facilities and playgrounds. In addition, in order to address health concerns, the amount of THC in cannabis will be limited, especially for those under the age of 21.

Opposition leaders have criticized the administration despite its promises to stop the illicit market and guarantee product safety, pointing up problems with enforcement and possible health hazards, especially for minors.

There is still disagreement among the public over the issue; a recent poll found a tiny majority of respondents opposed to legalization. Supporters of the new law, meanwhile, are getting ready to commemorate its passage with a “smoke in” at the Brandenburg Gate.

This legalizing effort is the start of a bigger scheme, with future pilot programs aiming at state-regulated cannabis sales in authorized stores. Germany’s historic move to legalize cannabis creates a precedent for progressive drug policy reform throughout Europe and beyond.

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