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Possible Ballistic Missile Found Over Spain’s Barcelona

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Unexpectedly, Spain reported seeing what appears to be a “possible ballistic missile” flying above Barcelona, which sparked fears and prompted immediate investigations.

An artificial fireball with characteristics akin to a ballistic missile streaked across the sky over the eastern peninsula before vanishing into the sea south of the Valencian Community, according to the Fireballs and Meteorites Research Network (SPMN) of the Institute of Space Sciences of the CSIC.

In an effort to ascertain the fireball’s origin and nature, specialists from the Institute of Space Sciences have begun a comprehensive examination of the pictures that were taken. Early analyses point mostly to the probability of a ballistic missile, but other theories are not being ruled out.

Dubbed SPMN290324ART, the fireball captivated astronomers and enthusiasts alike as it passed over Spanish airspace at roughly 11:59 p.m. It originated in France, crossed Girona and Barcelona, and finally disappeared into the Balearic Sea, which is where it ended up south of the Valencian Community.

Alarm was raised over the incident because ballistic missiles are distinguished by their predefined trajectories intended to deliver warheads to particular targets. Authorities do stress that more research is need to ascertain the identify and purpose of the object seen above Barcelona’s skies, though.

Keep checking back for updates on this evolving narrative.

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