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Dates of the April 2024 Universal Credit Payment Increase Disclosed

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The April 2024 Universal Credit payment increases are much awaited by millions of beneficiaries. The increase won’t, however, be applied equally; payments for all aspects of Universal Credit are scheduled to increase by 6.7%. This is the detailed breakdown:

Schedule for Payment Implementation:

April 8, 2024: The new payment rates will go into effect on this day and will be implemented during the first working week of the upcoming fiscal year.

May or June 2024: Beginning with the first complete one-month assessment period after April 8th, benefit payments will be adjusted to reflect the increase. As a result, the majority of claimants should anticipate seeing an increase in their benefits in May or June.

Exact Timeframes for Assessment and Payment:

First Assessment Period (June 1 to June 31, paid on June 7): June 1 was the application date, and June 7 was the payment date.

Second Assessment Period (2nd to 1st, paid 8th): June is the application month; June 8th is the payment date.

And so on.

Eighth Assessment Period (May 8–7, paid May 14): The first wave of beneficiaries to benefit from the uplift got the payment on May 14 after the increase was applied in May.

New Universal Credit Rates (2024–2025):

One:£292.11 to £311.68 for those under 25.
From £368.74 to £393.45 for those over 25.
Pair:Under-25 joint claimants: £489.23 (up from £458.51)
Claimants jointly, one or both over 25: £617.60 (formerly £578.82)

Work Allowances (for one or more dependent children or limited capability for work), Child Amounts, Disabled Child Additions, Work Capability Elements, Carer’s Element, Childcare Costs, Non-Dependents’ Housing Cost Contributions: (See the original source for the comprehensive rates).

The aforementioned modifications are intended to mitigate economic strains and promote a fairer allocation of assistance among the participants. Keep checking back for more information as the implementation moves forward.

See our Money Saving Newsletter for the most recent DWP news and updates on Universal Credit payments for additional details.

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