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Walmart Will Test Two Virginia Pharmacies for HIV Free of Charge

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We’re Not Done Yet: Walmart Will Provide Free HIV Testing

World AIDS Day has been observed on December 1st since 1988 to raise awareness of the continued effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Walmart has launched a new program to improve community health in keeping with its purpose.

Walmart is kicking off a free HIV screening pilot program at two of its Virginia pharmacies, Store 2160 in Petersburg and Store 2795 in Ashland. During the three months of this trial program, free HIV testing and results will be provided.

These establishments are HIV-focused Specialty Pharmacies of the Community (SPOC), manned by Community Health Workers and pharmacists with specialized training. These experts are prepared to assist individuals living with HIV/AIDS by offering thorough care talks, follow-up assistance, and screenings.

Walmart is in a unique position to reach people who might not otherwise seek care thanks to its vast network, which includes over 4,600 pharmacies across the United States and 90% of the population living within 10 miles of a Walmart. Walmart’s dedication to community health is further demonstrated by this new testing opportunity.

A quick finger prick blood sample is required for the screening procedure, and results take 20 to 30 minutes to process. Pharmacists will talk to patients about other preventive measures and health services during this period. Walmart will help individuals get in touch with their primary care physician or the Department of Health for additional testing if a test comes up positive.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation collaborated to create an HIV training curriculum that Walmart’s pharmacists have completed, making them extremely knowledgeable. Their ability to provide HIV/AIDS patients with clinical and culturally appropriate support is ensured by this training.

One of Walmart’s SPOCs tenets is dispelling the stigma around HIV/AIDS. William “Bill” Presley, the pharmacy manager at Store 2160, talked about his personal involvement in this cause and expressed optimism that more people will be inspired to easily seek care and information.

With intentions to expand, Walmart has already set up 85 HIV-focused SPOCs in 11 states. By fostering strong ties with the community, each location seeks to transform the patient experience into a path towards improved health.

Walmart respects individuals impacted by HIV and AIDS on this World AIDS Day and looks forward to more advancements in community health and assistance.

Visit your neighborhood Walmart pharmacy to learn more and to locate a nearby HIV-focused SPOC.

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