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Walmart Will Introduce a Revolutionary GenAI Tool for Employees in 11 New Countries by 2024

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Retail’s future is changing quickly as businesses scramble to provide seamless digital experiences that match the ever-evolving expectations of their customers. Fewer businesses, nevertheless, are as committed to improving the work experience. Walmart is making a big move in this area by bringing its associate tool, My Assistant, powered by generative AI (GenAI), to teams in 11 different countries by the year 2024.

According to Donna Morris, chief people officer of Walmart, “Walmart is people-led and tech-powered, and we know that the best way to help our people reach their full potential is to provide the same intuitive, consumer-grade experience we’ve built for our customers and members.” “We were early adopters of GenAI, or generative artificial intelligence, as a tool for our colleagues. In reality, because of the solid technological basis we have established, we were able to transform our first GenAI-powered associate tool f

My Assistant simplifies duties like document drafting, lengthy text summarization, and thinking starters to free up Walmart associates’ time to concentrate more on important work. With the use of this tool, colleagues can focus on tasks that are uniquely human, like coming up with fresh ideas, developing strategies, and fostering connections.rom a vision to a working tool in roughly 60 days.

Walmart has extended access to My Assistant to associates in the following areas after launching it for 50,000 campus associates in the United States:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Costanzo
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala Honduras
  • Costa Rica

India and South Africa will be included in the rollout in the upcoming year, with the goal of reaching 25,000 associates in foreign markets—a 50% increase in the user base.

With the use of Walmart-specific expertise, associates will be able to communicate with My Assistant in their own tongues for a simple and effective experience. This worldwide rollout demonstrates Walmart’s dedication to considering associate input and acting upon it in order to improve the tool’s performance over time.

At Walmart, we know that our associates will always be what set Walmart apart. Our view is still that people and technology will power the future of retail,” Morris stated. “They help people live better and save money, which is our purpose. With the power of technology behind them, our associates’ potential is endless.”

Walmart’s program demonstrates how it is at the forefront of leveraging cutting-edge technology to empower its employees and creates a new benchmark for the retail sector.

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