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Walmart Increases Investments in and Purchases of Clean Energy

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With a commitment to almost 1 gigawatt (GW) of new renewable energy projects across the US, Walmart has announced a major acceleration of its clean energy ambitions. This pledge, which is consistent with Walmart’s commitment to sustainability and community welfare, is a crucial milestone in the company’s energy transformation strategy.

The new initiatives cover a range of sustainable energy strategies, such as distributed generating and community solar setups. These initiatives, which were created by Pivot Energy and Reactivate, are expected to save about $6 million annually and will especially help low-to-moderate income (LMI) households. These projects, which will include 26 new installations spread over six states, are anticipated to provide over 160,000 MWh of renewable energy yearly.

Additionally, Walmart is collaborating with NextEra Energy Resources, EDP Renewable North America, and Invenergy to broaden its renewable energy purchasing agreements. Through these agreements, the system in states including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana will gain 842 MW of capacity. Walmart wants to be entirely powered by renewable energy by 2035, and these projects help them get closer to that goal and their zero emissions targets.

Apart from these initiatives, Walmart has also signed renewable energy contracts with utilities, adding 77 MW more to the clean energy capacity in Texas, Michigan, and Louisiana.

Walmart’s dedication goes beyond environmental sustainability; it also aims to create jobs, strengthen local economies, and make the energy system more resilient. Walmart aims to facilitate 10 gigawatt-hours of new renewable energy projects by 2030. This puts the company in a strong position to significantly influence energy sustainability, customer cost reductions, and a more sustainable future for everybody.

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