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All of a sudden, Sephora stops operating in South Korea

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Unexpectedly, Sephora, the world’s largest beauty retailer, has declared its intention to withdraw from the very competitive South Korean market. The move represents a major blow for one of the major leaders in the industry, especially given the intense competition and difficulties the brand is facing in the area.

Sephora, which is well-known for its wide selection of cosmetics and high-end shopping experience, announced its departure due mostly to fierce competition from domestic and foreign competitors. South Korea, known for its sophisticated beauty patrons and booming skincare sector, had particular difficulties that finally prompted Sephora to announce its closure.

Commencing on May 6, 2024, all Sephora stores in South Korea, including their online platforms, will close as part of the shutdown. The business conveyed remorse for the choice, stating that it was made with “heavy heart.”

Originally founded in 2019 in the affluent Gangnam district of South Korea, Sephora has since grown to five sites nationwide. Notwithstanding early optimism, the brand failed to establish a presence in the market and suffered large losses expected to be around $17.6 billion in 2022.

Even though Sephora intends to completely leave South Korea, it guarantees consumers that a few products will continue to be offered in regional stores and online after the closure in Asia.

The sudden withdrawal from one of the busiest cosmetics marketplaces in Asia begs the question of Sephora’s future plans and its capacity to survive in highly competitive global markets.

Sephora has been contacted by TheStreet for additional information and feedback on the situation.

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