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Ukraine-Russian War (Day 725)

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As forces leave Avdiivka, Ukrainian President Zelenskiy urgently calls for more weapons, realizing the impact of running out of supplies on the front lines.

  • President Biden promises to get Ukraine the assistance it needs, highlighting the significance of US assistance in halting additional Russian territory losses.
  • As Ukrainian forces evacuate from Avdiivka, some of their soldiers are taken prisoner by Russian forces.
  • According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukrainian forces have taken up residence in the Avdiivka coke and chemical plant and are determined to drive out extremists from the city.
  • At least three people are killed by Russian shelling and missile strikes in eastern Ukraine, while numerous others are left buried beneath debris.
  • Though the claim is still unconfirmed, the Ukrainian air force claims to have shot down three Russian jets over eastern Ukraine.
  • Vice President Harris said that such acts undercut American principles and denounces former President Trump’s promotion of Russian aggression towards NATO countries.
  • With the goal of fortifying ties and arranging an international peace conference with Swiss support, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister meets with his Chinese colleague to discuss chances for peace.
  • The G7 foreign ministers have called on Russia to provide more information regarding the circumstances surrounding Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s death as conflicting reports of his sickness surface.

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