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Nottinghamshire Issues Flood Warnings After Severe Rain

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Time and Date: Saturday, February 17, 2024, 4:39 p.m.

Following heavy rains, the Environment Agency has issued urgent flood alerts for Nottinghamshire. Today around 4:39 PM, the River Trent and its tributaries were the subject of warnings.

Important Points:

Predicted Increase in River Levels: A rise in river levels is anticipated as a result of significant rainfall, according to the Lowdham river gauge. The organization issues a warning, stating that flooding of farms and roads is expected to start tomorrow morning, February 18, 2024, between 1:00 and 4:00.

Most Vulnerable Areas: The areas most at risk are the low-lying agricultural terrain and the roadways that encircle the River Trent tributaries. These include the Ouse Dyke, Thurgarton Beck, Woodborough Brook, Potwell Dyke, Dover Beck, Cocker Beck, and River Greet, among others.

Continued Monitoring: Authorities are keeping a careful eye on the issue. Concerns are raised since further rain is expected over the following 24 hours.

Precautionary Steps: To protect themselves, locals are advised to stay off low-lying walkways close to watercourses.

Future Updates: On February 18, 2024, tomorrow morning, an updated advisory will be given.

Affected Areas: The River Greet, Potwell Dyke, Carr Dyke, Dover Beck, Cocker Beck, Thurgarton Beck, Fairham Brook, and other tributaries in Nottinghamshire are included in the flood alert region.

As the situation evolves, stay tuned for more updates. All residents in the impacted areas are recommended to exercise caution and vigilance.

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