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Two People Killed in Juneteenth Celebration Shooting During Weekend of Gun Violence, Injuring Dozens

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Texas, Round Rock – One of several instances of gun violence that tainted the Father’s Day weekend throughout the country on Saturday night was the shooting deaths of at least two witnesses at a Juneteenth celebration in Texas.

Gunfire broke out during a fight between two groups during the free Juneteenth festival, which the city of Round Rock co-hosted. Shots were fired around 10:50 p.m., according to Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks, signaling the end of the event, which started at 5 p.m. In addition, fourteen other witnesses sustained gunshot wounds and were transported to nearby hospitals.

“It is regrettable that while we were here commemorating a fantastic occasion, a tragedy occurred,” Chief Banks said. “My sympathies and thoughts are with the victims. My sympathies are with the departed people’s families. Right now, police are looking for a suspect.

Methuen, Massachusetts – In a separate event that happened early on Sunday, eight individuals were injured and seven others were shot as they ran from an impromptu “car club meetup.” While some victims’ conditions are stabilized, two are still in serious condition. Chief of Police Scott McNamara of Methuen observed that the community is becoming increasingly concerned about these social media-facilitated get-togethers.

Additional Incidents: – Columbus, OH: After a verbal disagreement, a nightclub opened fire early on Friday, killing two and wounding two more.

  • Tampa, FL: On Saturday night, a guy was said to have killed his parents and injured a deputy, and he later died in a gunfight with police.
  • Lathrup Village, MI: Two of the six victims of an early Saturday shooting are critically injured.
  • Cincinnati, OH: A Saturday night shooting in Bramble Park left five people hurt, one of them gravely.

Context: The previous Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekends saw a number of major mass shootings in the United States, which are followed by this horrific weekend. The public is being asked to help authorities identify the perpetrators of these violent acts.

Communities continue to lament the deaths and look forward to safer times as the country struggles with this spike in gun violence.

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