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Firefighters in California Fight Twelve Wildfires; 14,600 Acres Burn After the Fire

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Gorman, California – More than a dozen wildfires are being fought by firefighters around California early on Monday. One of the most active is the Post Fire, which is expanding quickly and forcing many people to evacuate north of Los Angeles.

Devastation Following Fire

Cal Fire reports that the Post Fire, which broke out near Gorman just before 2:00 p.m. local time on Saturday, has destroyed over 14,600 acres and is just 2% controlled. Two dozen water tenders, seven helicopters, and 114 engines are helping the over 1,140 firefighters fighting the fire as it moves southeast into Lake Pyramid. The California State Park Services has evacuated about 1,200 individuals from Hungry Valley Park as a result of this region being closed due to an immediate threat.

Orders of Evacuation and Dangers

Areas south of Pyramid Lake between Old Ridge Route and the Los Angeles County boundary are under evacuation orders. Authorities in Ventura County have stated that although the fire is visible to locals, it has now moved into the county and is not now endangering any residential areas.

The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District has issued an air quality notice for Monday, informing people that smoke from the Post Fire is predicted to push the index into the harmful level for everyone.

Report on Damage and Continued Work

According to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the Post Fire has damaged 50 single-family homes, destroyed one commercial building, and put ten more at risk. Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries.

According to a Cal Fire statement, staff will concentrate on strengthening the current fire perimeter on Sunday night. They predict hot temperatures, low humidity, and gusts of up to 50 mph on Monday, which could make containment operations more difficult.

More Fires Flaming Throughout California

A total of twelve wildfires are raging, mostly in Southern California, in addition to the Post Fire. At approximately 1,130 acres and 20% containment, the Hesperia Fire in San Bernardino County is the second biggest. Arrowhead Equestrian Estates has been told to evacuate, and big animals will be moved to the county fairgrounds or the Mojave River Junction. It is anticipated that the smoke from this fire will be seen for kilometers.

Restraint and Advancement

Two more notable fires that have consumed more than 1,000 acres each are the Junes Fire in Butte County and the Point Fire in Sonoma County. While the Point Fire is just 15% controlled, the Junes Fire is 82% contained. There are also about six other fires being handled, all of which are less than fifty acres.

In an effort to put out these fires and save people and property, firefighters never stop working. It is advised that locals be informed and heed advice regarding air quality and evacuation orders.

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