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The White House intends to outsource the fight for Mayorkas’ impeachment and ignore drama.

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The White House has taken a daring stand by continuing to conduct the impeachment process of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in a routine manner. Even with the historic magnitude of the House vote, Mayorkas has not wavered from his responsibilities, which include attending conferences and meetings throughout the world.

The administration wants to demonstrate that it is resilient in the face of impeachment and that the GOP is acting out of partisanship rather than a sincere desire to resolve border concerns. Aides to President Biden have been closely following events and interacting with allies to refute the GOP’s case against Mayorkas, despite the president’s criticism of the impeachment as petty politics.

DHS spokesman Mia Ehrenberg praised Mayorkas’ efforts in finding bipartisan solutions for border security while denouncing the impeachment as illogical and unlawful. This tactic is not without risk, though, as it could increase public scrutiny of the administration’s immigration policies.

Democrats, meanwhile, see a change in public sentiment, pointing to recent successes and characterizing GOP policies as counterproductive to resolving border issues. The White House is relying on outside friends to oppose the impeachment attempt, stressing coordination with advocacy groups to depict it as politicized and baseless, with the focus currently being on an upcoming Senate trial.

The Congressional Integrity Project has been actively defending Mayorkas and claiming that the impeachment is unlawful, working with immigration groups and other constituents. Legal experts, Jewish leaders, past DHS secretary, and leaders of the Cuban American community have all rallied behind them, claiming that the impeachment has antisemitic overtones.

Outside groups have united against what they see as Republican attempts to use the situation for political gain, despite disputes over border rules. These organizations have been able to mobilize behind the impeachment, which is taking place in the midst of the breakdown of a border compromise, to spread their message against the GOP’s division and lack of real policy intent.

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