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Moscow Wins as Ukrainian Troops Withdraw from Avdiivka

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The withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the frontline city of Avdiivka represents a major development on the eastern front and a strategic win for Moscow. The decision was made public on Facebook by General Syrsky, who said that the goal of the action was to protect military lives and avoid encirclement.

The decision was made in the face of increasing strain on the eastern front of Ukraine brought on by delays in receiving a $60 billion US military aid package and shortages of ammunition. Commanding the Avdiivka region, General Oleksandr Tarnavsky underlined the necessity of the departure in light of the Russian forces’ continual bombardment and overwhelming shelling superiority.

There have been many parallels to previous brutal conflicts in the intensely disputed battle for Avdiivka, a vital industrial hub close to Donetsk. Even if it was destroyed, the city is symbolic because Moscow wants to obstruct Ukrainian activities in Donetsk.

The collapse of Avdiivka highlights the difficulties Ukraine faces in restocking its forces and obtaining necessary supplies. The crisis is getting worse, as Russian police reported stopping multiple drone strikes by Ukraine in border areas during the night.

Concurrently, President Volodymyr Zelensky is touring Europe in search of vital military assistance, having inked bilateral security agreements with Germany and France. These accords emphasize European support for Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression and contain military assistance clauses.

But there are also worries about how certain US military assistance will be in the future, which has led to calls for further EU backing. According to the Kiel Institute, in order to close the gap left by the US, the EU would need to increase its military support by double.

Zelensky is anticipated to make a request for more funding and weaponry at the Munich Security Conference, where world leaders have gathered to discuss the worsening situation, as the war in Ukraine approaches its third year.

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