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The controversial ‘Food Empowerment Market’ is launched in San Francisco.

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To address the issue of food insecurity among the local population, San Francisco launched the contentious Food Empowerment Market, which enables those who meet the requirements to receive foodstuffs for “free.” But the scheme is expensive; taxpayers will have to pay more than $5.5 million for it.

The market, supported by Geoffrea Morris and authorized by the city in 2021, is meant to give food stamp recipients extra assistance, especially at the end of the month when funds can be limited. Morris highlights that the market is meant to supplement food assistance, not to replace them.

The Food Empowerment Market is set up similarly to a regular grocery store, so customers can browse the aisles and choose the things they need before going to the checkout, where their purchases are scanned and weighed.

This project is being launched in the middle of San Francisco’s long battle with homelessness, which has been heightened by recent controversy surrounding initiatives like the “Managed Alcohol Program” (MAP), which gives homeless people who are addicted to alcohol controlled dosages of alcohol. Opponents contend that these programs can save lives and ease the burden on emergency services, but detractors cast doubt on their efficacy and rather that money go toward treatment and sobriety initiatives.

While discussions over the morality and effectiveness of these programs rage, San Francisco is at the forefront of creative yet divisive responses to its societal problems.

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