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Attack on Conservative Party Due to Candidate’s Sharing of Online Conspiracies

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As it comes to light that several of the Conservative party’s candidates for office have promoted conspiracy theories online, the party is under fire. Among the accusations are that the Black Lives Matter movement seeks to “bring down British society” and that positive Covid-19 test results indicate “mass psychosis.

” Labour is concerned about the caliber of Tory candidates, pointing out that some have already altered or removed content from social media.

Jenny Johnson, a Tory candidate for Wirral West who circulated conspiracy theories about the pandemic, is one of the accused. Johnson argues for herself, saying that her training in academia forces her to consider different narratives.

In the midst of the racist insult incident, Yousef Dahmash, another contender, shared his support for podcaster Joe Rogan.

Candidates who support traditional values in a book and advocate educating people to be prejudiced come under more scrutiny. One such candidate is Alex Deane. Discussions over party philosophy and candidate suitability are sparked by the revelations. Watch this space for updates on this developing narrative.

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