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Teacher Expelled for Making Insensitive Remarks About Westernized Girls

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A Birmingham teacher at Harborne Academy has been barred from the classroom permanently for making derogatory remarks about westernized girls. The 30-year-old Aqib Khan is accused of calling westernized girls “lunatics” and making contentious remarks about marriage and childbirth.

According to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA),
Mr. Khan’s comments were against core British ideals including respect for one another and individual liberty.

In a Microsoft Teams group discussion with students, he made remarks that implied having a child after 30 was worse than cousin marriage and that the child would probably have special needs.

In addition, Mr. Khan’s remarks covered projections related to society and culture, such as those regarding the expansion of the Muslim community and its alleged influence on traditional values as opposed to liberalism.

The TRA came to the conclusion that Mr. Khan violated basic British values, such as tolerance for people of other faiths and views, and failed to uphold professional boundaries. He has so been barred from teaching for an extended period of time.

Mr. Khan is still able to challenge the ruling; the deadline for doing so is March 18, 2026. But if he decides to appeal, the decision will be reexamined by a panel.

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