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A massive cliff falls into the sea while on an Easter walk.

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A huge cliff unexpectedly crashed onto a Dorset beach today, only a few meters from people taking their dogs for a pleasant Easter walk.

Omar El-Haj’s drone film shows the terrifying moment tons of stones at West Bay fell into the water as the cliff collapsed like a castles. close his account of the horrifying event, Omar said, “The cliff started to collapse as soon as I zoomed close. A few meters separated the people as many tons of granite crashed into the ocean.”

The Dorset Council warned of the increased risk of rockfalls and landslides along the shore after this concerning incident. They stressed the need for caution, saying that “landslips and rock slides might occur suddenly and violently. If you plan to visit the seaside this weekend, please exercise particular caution and avoid the base and edge of any cliffs.”

Cliff erosion is a natural process that is made worse by sea level rise brought on by climate change, but it still poses serious risks to people who are on the beach below as well as those who are strolling atop cliffs. According to statistics, the vulnerability of coastlines to erosion is seen on 28% of them in England and Wales, 19.5% in Northern Ireland, and 19% in Scotland.

The third UK Climate Change Risk Assessment, which was carried out in 2021, indicated that the current scale of risk is deemed medium, climbing to high by the 2050s. In order to protect public safety, communities must become more vigilant and take preventative steps as they deal with the effects of coastal erosion.

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