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Rick Caruso Launches A Broadside Against L.A.’s Graffiti Tower While The Mayor’s Office Disorganizes

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The destiny of the upscale Oceanwide Plaza property, which has been incomplete since 2019, is a contentious issue in Los Angeles. Once immaculate windows on the towering building were covered in the bold signatures of brave graffiti artists who used it as a canvas.

With the audacious actions of taggers Akua, Sour, Castle, and others—including the legendary Endem and his NCT crew—the abandoned towers became an impressive sight that could be seen for miles. The skyscrapers painted with graffiti have caused controversy despite inspiring wonder in some people. While some see it as vandalism, others praise it as urban art.

The L.A. City Council is planning to charge Oceanwide $4 million for the estimated $4 million in cleaning and security work that they have done in response to the graffiti attack. But in the middle of China’s real estate collapse, Oceanwide’s bankruptcy complicates things and might force taxpayers to bear the cost.

Renowned developer Rick Caruso criticized the city for its handling of the matter, blaming it on a lack of accountability and long-standing, defective laws. He demanded tougher action against criminal activities and attacked the city’s reliance on Chinese investment.

Deputy Mayor Zach Seidl highlights the necessity of safety measures to stop risky acts and safeguard people, while Mayor Karen Bass’s administration refuses to comment despite repeated requests.

The towers covered in graffiti represent the difficulties facing the city’s government as well as creative expression, and their future is in doubt while the discussion continues.

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