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In response to a viral video of teenage girls wearing blackface makeup, Sephora says, “We Are Extremely Disappointed.”

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A recent incident at a Boston Sephora store that has aroused uproar features young consumers wearing makeup for blackface on camera. The now-viral video shows three adolescent girls getting help from an adult as they apply black cosmetics to their faces. In the background, an employee is heard harshly criticizing the girls’ behavior, and others claim to have heard the girls making disparaging noises.

Representatives from Sephora have verified that the event happened at their Boston location inside the Prudential Center. Sephora has responded by expressing their deep disappointment and reiterating that maintaining a friendly and inclusive retail environment for all patrons is their top concern. As a result, Sephora made it plain that this kind of behavior is never accepted and demanded the people in question to leave the property right away.

This occurrence occurs at a time when internet complaints of teens frequenting Sephora stores and rapidly running out of popular brands like Drunk Elephant products are becoming more and more common. Products from this brand, which contain retinol and polypeptide as anti-aging chemicals, have proven quite popular. Social media sites have taken notice of the trend, as evidenced by the #kidsatsephora hashtag, which has had over 317 million views on TikTok.

Sephora’s prompt action highlights the significance of confronting and denouncing actions that sustain racism and cultural insensitivity, reiterating their dedication to cultivating a welcoming and courteous retail space.

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