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On June 3, Hunter Biden will go on trial for federal firearms charges.

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A federal judge ordered on Wednesday that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, will go on trial on June 3 for gun-related crimes.

This revelation paves the way for a potentially significant court battle, as Hunter Biden is being tried concurrently in two different cases. In addition to the federal firearms accusations, he is involved in a California case where he is accused of evading taxes totaling more than $1 million on nine separate counts. June 20 is the date of the tax case trial.

The accusations that Hunter Biden bought a handgun illegally are the basis for the charges in the firearms case.

When under the influence of illegal substances, and later on after the purchase, he lied on federal documents about his drug use.

Following the failure of an earlier plea deal that covered both the gun issue and the tax matter during a hearing last summer, special counsel David Weiss filed three gun-related charges against Hunter Biden last year.

Hunter Biden insists he is innocent, but he could be in for a long legal fight. Hunter Biden’s defense team anticipates that their arguments may last more than two days, while the prosecution anticipates that their case would take three to four days to complete.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys have actively opposed the allegations throughout the process, filing numerous petitions wanting the case to be dismissed on a variety of grounds, including the claim that the initial plea agreement is still enforceable.

Judge Maryellen Noreika stated at a recent status conference that she is examining the motions filed by Hunter Biden’s legal team and emphasized her dedication to settling the case as quickly as possible.

Judge Noreika said, “We’re trying to get something out as soon as we can.” “I haven’t completely figured out what I’m going to do with all of them.”

All eyes will be on the judicial proceedings as the trial date draws along, as they have important ramifications for both Hunter Biden and the larger political scene.

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