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Denies ‘Dumping’ Baby’s Body in a Bag Constance Marten

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In a shocking change of events, Constance Marten, the defendant in the case pertaining to her newborn’s untimely death, angrily refuted claims that she “dumped” the child’s corpse in a grocery bag stuffed with trash.

Marten, 36, insisted that after the infant’s death, Victoria was “placed” in the Lidl bag. A national issue has been sparked by the terrible discovery of Victoria’s remains under a shed on a Brighton allotment in March 2023.

Marten, along with her co-defendant Mark Gordon, 49, presented themselves as competent caregivers throughout their testimony before the Old Bailey, disproving accusations of homicide by gross negligence. “Amazing husband,” according to Marten, who also insisted that they knew how to raise a child.

Marten described a sequence of terrifying occurrences that culminated in the finding of the baby’s body. These included their desire to live off the grid as a result of events such as a car fire and allegations of domestic violence involving their older children.

The prosecution questioned Marten’s conduct, specifically the baby’s outfit selection and the circumstances of Victoria’s passing. Throughout the trial, inconsistencies in Marten’s testimony and CCTV evidence were closely examined.

Marten defended her, saying that she and Gordon were motivated by the desire to keep Victoria safe, even in the face of harsh criticism. She stressed how terrible the circumstances were and refuted claims of carelessness or malevolent intent.

The public is still engrossed in the terrible case as the trial progresses, highlighting the difficulties associated with parental responsibility and social support for low-income families.

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