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More than 60 Illinois schools will be closed to view a rare solar eclipse.

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More than sixty Illinois schools have declared Monday vacations in anticipation of a unique astronomical occurrence that will allow kids to see a total solar eclipse. Parts of Illinois will experience total darkness due to this event, which is the second of its sort since 2017. The moon will entirely block out the sun.

Illinois, one of the fifteen states to have witnessed this unique occurrence, will see totality again, with certain areas in the southern portion of the state witnessing the entire show. NASA’s Dr. Noah Petro exhorts people to take advantage of this chance, highlighting the captivating quality of a total solar eclipse.

Although 94% coverage is predicted for Chicago, southern Illinois will experience total darkness for about three minutes, providing an amazing opportunity to observe the solar extravaganza.

The eclipse is scheduled to take place between 12:51 and 3:22 p.m., with a peak expected around 2:07 p.m., according to Adler Planetarium. A decrease in temperature and alterations in animal behavior are to be expected during this period, which will enhance the sensory experience for onlookers.

Northern Illinois schools, such as South Holland School District 151 and Country Club Hills School District 160, will be closed on this particular day so that kids can watch the event from home. Maine Township High School District #207 students in Park Ridge will have an early dismissal in order to witness the eclipse.

Nonetheless, a lot of schools in the state want to stay open, planning instructional programs and giving pupils safe watching options. Among the districts holding eclipse viewing programs are New Trier District #203 and Deerfield Public Schools District #109; Deerfield PSD #109 is also supplying eclipse viewing glasses for safe viewing.

Petro emphasizes the significance of wearing appropriate viewing glasses to defend against the sun’s powerful rays, highlighting the fact that safety is still the top issue throughout this event.

Schools in Downstate Illinois and Indiana have canceled classes to allow students to fully see this unique celestial phenomenon. The “eclipse crossroads,” Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, will play host to the Southern Illinois Crossroads Eclipse Festival, and Indiana University’s campuses will host the Hoosier Cosmic Celebration.

At least 61 Illinois elementary and high schools have chosen to stay closed as anticipation for this celestial show grows, guaranteeing that kids will have the chance to see this amazing event for themselves.

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