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Partially Closed Croydon Hospital Following Hazardous Substance Incident

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Parts of Croydon University Hospital have been shut off in an ongoing story due to the probable presence of a dangerous material. Early in the morning, the London Ambulance Service reported that a woman in Thornton Heath, South London, may have consumed poison. This prompted the Metropolitan Police to investigate.

After being taken to Croydon University Hospital quickly, it was discovered that the woman was in possession of the suspicious material. It is disturbing to learn that four employees of LAS and the Met were exposed to the material; the other two are still being monitored.

The London Fire Brigade also responded in unison, establishing safety closures and cordons while officers with specialized training inspected the material. Thorough sweeps were carried out by fire crews to detect any increased chemical readings, and the hazardous substance was safely removed from the premises.

LAS summoned additional ambulance personnel and hazardous area response teams to assist with the incident. After being exposed to hazardous substances, two employees who were first attending to the patient needed treatment and are presently being watched.

Ambulances and emergency vehicles were able to approach the hospital throughout the incident response, despite the tight circumstances. The earlier road closures have since been lifted, although research is still being done to determine the substance’s nature and any effects. Keep checking back for more details as this story develops.

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