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John Barnett, a Boeing leaker, was discovered dead.

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The body of John Barnett, a former employee of Boeing who turned whistleblower, was discovered in the US. Barnett retired from the aerospace company in 2017 due to health concerns after 32 years of employment.

Barnett worked as a quality manager at the North Charleston facility, which manufactured the 787 Dreamliner, throughout his time there. He said in a 2019 interview with the BBC that workers were under pressure to utilize inferior parts when building aircraft. Additionally, he expressed worry about oxygen system inadequacies that would jeopardize passenger safety.

Barnett said that even after bringing these concerns to the attention of management, nothing was done. Despite Boeing’s denial of his accusations, a 2017 FAA review that found “non-conforming” parts in the production partially validated his worries.

Barnett sued Boeing after he retired, claiming the company had slandered him and interfered with his career. He was in Charleston at the time of his passing attending court hearings connected to this case.

Barnett was questioned by Boeing’s legal team last week, and more sessions are planned for this Saturday. Authorities found his death in his pickup in a hotel parking lot after he did not show up.

In a statement, Boeing said, “We are saddened by Mr. Barnett’s passing, and our thoughts are with his family and friends.” Congratulations.

Following a recent incident with the collapse of a Boeing 737 Max emergency exit door, Barnett’s passing occurs at the same time that Boeing and its supplier, Spirit Aerosystems, are under more scrutiny for their quality standards.

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