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China, Russia, and Iran will conduct warship drills in the Gulf of Oman

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March 12, Moscow (Reuters) – a noteworthy advancement in global maritime security as Russia declares the start of cooperative naval drills in the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman with China and Iran.

“Maritime Security Belt – 2024” is the name of the exercise, which will involve aircraft and warships from the participating countries.

The exercises are intended to improve the safety of maritime economic activity in the area, according to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense that was cited by state media. The practical part of the exercises is scheduled to take place in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman.

Leading the Russian delegation in the drills is the missile cruiser Varyag of the Pacific Fleet, which has traveled to Iran. To further emphasize the global interest in maintaining maritime security, representatives from the navies of Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Oman, India, and South Africa are scheduled to attend the exercises.

The joint exercises represent a concerted effort by these countries to strengthen their naval might and guarantee the security of important maritime passages in the strategically important Gulf of Oman region. This development highlights how big states’ collaboration and global security are changing.

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