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Ferrari’s striking “blue” livery for the Miami Grand Prix is revealed.

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This weekend, fans of Formula 1 and Ferrari lovers alike are in for a visual treat as the legendary Italian racing team Ferrari adds an intriguing twist to its famed red hue. At the much awaited Miami Grand Prix, Ferrari will debut a striking new “blue” livery in a radical break from history. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will be driving the car.

Ferrari’s customary red color scheme is significantly altered with the release of this unique livery. The Italian racing machine’s sleek bodywork will be adorned with modest yet spectacular dashes of blue, adding a newfound sense of flare and vitality to the brand’s iconic red color. Leclerc and Sainz will be dressed in custom blue overalls that echoes this change in style as they prepare to take on the opposition—especially the fearsome Red Bull team—during the exciting second Sprint weekend of the Formula One calendar.

The fact that its design pays homage to Ferrari’s legendary past makes it even more unique. The use of colors evoking Azzurro La Plata and Azzurro Dino honors Maranello, the birthplace of Ferrari, and its rich history. These colors, which are closely linked to Ferrari’s history, arouse sentimentality and honor the classic style that characterizes the company.

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vassuer discussed the significance of the 2017 Miami Grand Prix and voiced his excitement, saying, “The upcoming Miami Grand Prix will be one to remember in the history of our team.” He went on to say, “In Florida, we will be celebrating our heritage through a unique livery, rediscovering two colors that are part of our history.”

But Ferrari’s Miami Grand Prix look has more to offer than just the cosmetic makeover. Ferrari and the prestigious American technology corporation HP signed a ground-breaking multi-year sponsorship agreement last week. With its premiere at the Miami Grand Prix, this relationship will bring the two organizations’ shared principles of quality, innovation, and unwavering success together and mark the beginning of a new era of cooperation.

Speaking on the Ferrari and HP synergy, Vassuer said, “We think that HP’s title partnership will greatly benefit both marques because we have so many things in common.” He said, “Our two companies always strive for excellence and embrace technological innovation, key elements in achieving our respective goals.”

In fact, the combination of HP’s technological know-how and Ferrari’s racing skill is sure to take both companies to new heights. Ferrari and HP are prepared to set off on a journey characterized by cooperation, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to excellence because they share a common ethos of developing people and cultivating an empowered culture.

With the Miami Grand Prix rapidly approaching, all eyes will be on Ferrari’s dazzling blue vehicle as it speeds over the circuit, representing a well-balanced fusion of history and modernity. Fans will be treated to an incredible display that combines the excitement of fast racing with Ferrari’s long legacy—a monument to the company’s constant pursuit of excellence both on and off the track.

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