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With Adrian Newey’s departure, did Ferrari gain ground on Red Bull?

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Red Bull Racing has been characterized for over 20 years by the brilliant Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey, who is allegedly close to leaving the organization. It appears that Christian Horner, the team manager of Red Bull Racing, mistreated a female colleague, which was a major factor in Newey’s decision to go.

Red Bull Racing confirmed Newey’s retirement after the first quarter of 2025, according to those close to the situation, suggesting that his departure is imminent. Newey’s long-term ambitions are yet unknown, however he will continue to work on Red Bull’s future hypercar and participate in a few races in 2024.

There is a lot of conjecture around Newey’s future whereabouts, with several suggestions suggesting a possible transfer to Ferrari. For the seasoned designer, the prospect of joining the Scuderia is alluring, especially with the coming of seven-time Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton in 2025.

The probe into Horner’s purported misbehavior seems to have deepened the gulf between Newey and Horner. According to reports, they had a relationship breakdown after a power struggle inside the team, which was made worse by arguments about strategic direction and hiring choices.

Newey’s discontent with his reduced responsibilities at Red Bull Racing became evident after a major restructuring that resulted in his replacement as technical team leader. The team’s underlying difficulties were brought to light when Horner’s attempts to minimize Newey’s significance were publicly refuted by his wife, Amanda.

With Max Verstappen reportedly looking into other possibilities for 2025, and Newey’s possible exit, Red Bull Racing has a big obstacle. Red Bull’s problems are made worse by the possibility that Newey would defect to a rival team and build a vehicle that can compete with its existing fleet.

All eyes are on the Miami Grand Prix, where Newey may make a public statement about his future plans, as he mulls over his next course of action. There would be a vacancy at Red Bull Racing following his departure, which emphasizes the team’s need for stability and leadership.

With Newey’s exit, Red Bull Racing has come to an end in the fast-paced realm of Formula 1, where skill and innovation are paramount. Leaving an enduring impression on the world of racing, he will always be remembered as one of the sport’s best designers, regardless of where his next chapter takes him.

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