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Easter controversy sparked by Biden’s transgender Day of Visibility proclamation

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President Biden’s declaration on Easter Sunday honoring Transgender Day of Visibility has sparked a heated national conversation. ‘The Big Weekend Show’ co-hosts called the action a purposeful insult to Christians.

With indignation, co-host Lisa Booth said, “It’s a thumb in the face of Christians and Easter.” She labeled Biden’s decision to observe Transgender Day on Easter as deliberate, calling it “a random day created by a random person out of Michigan.”

President Biden stoked controversy with a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) in which he praised the bravery of transgender people. Additionally, Secretary of State Antony Blinken released a statement honoring the accomplishments of transgender people around the world.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates responded to the criticism by defending Biden’s actions and highlighting his dedication to diversity and upholding the rights of all Americans, including transgender people.

As an attempt to eradicate religion from society and replace it with “false gods” symbolized by the transgender population, Booth denounced the pronouncement. She maintained that moral degradation results from the absence of God and argued in favor of living in a community where religious belief is prevalent.

Co-host Joey Jones, who saw Biden’s choice to combine Transgender Day of Visibility with Easter as a divisive strategy, voiced surprise over the decision. He critiqued the transition in society norms from acceptance to adherence and underlined the significance of Easter Sunday.

The discussion highlights the profound differences in American society regarding matters of faith, identity, and inclusivity. The difficulties of managing cultural and religious sensitivities in a divided and diverse country are brought to light as the conversation goes on.

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