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A portion of Scenic Highway 1 in California falls off a cliff, forcing evacuations

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Over the weekend, a massive landslide after a strong storm resulted in the catastrophic tragedy that much of California’s Highway 1 collapsed down a cliff, forcing evacuations and trapping about 1,600 people until they could be safely evacuated out.

The famous Rocky Creek Bridge, a beloved landmark along the picturesque route renowned for its breath-taking coastline views, was close to the scene of the avalanche. Parts of the road broke away due to the might of nature, falling dangerously into the ocean below.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) confirmed that the highway was still closed in both directions on Monday at Palo Colorado, which is about 14 miles south of Monterey, and between Limekiln State Park and Lime Creek. This is because engineers have been carefully evaluating the extent of the damage.

While work is being done to stabilize the roadway’s unstable edge, Caltrans is advising the public to avoid traveling through the impacted region unnecessarily. In addition, Monterey County officials have announced that all Big Sur state parks that are located within the affected area have been closed indefinitely.

Emergency convoys were sent out among the mayhem to aid with the evacuation of people who became stranded, including residents and visitors who had gathered in Big Sur for the Easter weekend. More convoys are planned for Monday to guarantee the secure departure of anyone who may still be in the area, even though the majority have been escorted out without incident.

In an effort to handle the situation,
Governor Gavin Newsom has promised assistance and collaboration with pertinent agencies. He has also expressed gratitude to the devoted workmen repairing the roadway and ensuring the safety of Californians.

The landslide that occurred recently may delay the reopening of Highway 1, which was already undergoing repaired due to previous landslides that occurred in 2023. This highway’s susceptibility to extreme weather conditions highlights the continuous problems caused by climate change, as storms and wildfires increase the risk of erosion and landslides.

The resiliency of the impacted communities and the resolve of emergency personnel endure hardships even as Californians struggle to deal with the aftermath of this natural disaster. As the situation evolves, stay tuned for more updates.

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