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Ahead of the event, a Trump fundraiser in London raises $2 million.

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Before it even happens on Wednesday, a Donald Trump fundraiser in London with his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., as the featured guest, has raised an astounding $2 million (£1.57 million). The actor and singer Holly Valance, who is well-known for her ties to the radical right in Britain, planned the event, which has garnered a lot of interest from British political heavyweights as well as American Republicans.

Notable participants will include former Trump administration officials Richard Grenell and Woody Johnson, as well as Nigel Farage, who is taking a short break from the general election campaign. Important individuals like Scott Bessent, a well-known Trump fundraiser who may be in line for the Treasury Secretary post, are also anticipated.

Though the real emphasis of Donald Trump remains his US presidential campaign, there are indications that, similar to other occasions, he would make an online presence or record a video message. The benefit offers different donation options, including chances for in-person meetings with the Trump family. It is scheduled to accommodate approximately 100 guests at a private property in Chelsea or Knightsbridge.

Reactions to the event have been mixed, despite the fact that some donations have already surpassed $100,000. Proponents see it as an opportunity to show their steadfast support for Trump, while others see it as an elite event for the wealthy. To illustrate the political rift within the expat community, supporters of Trump’s Democratic opponent who are located in London are organizing a comedy event that will charge a nominal admission price.

As excitement for the fundraiser grows, it highlights Trump and his family’s ongoing impact on both sides of the Atlantic, paving the way for a stimulating discussion among Americans living overseas and influencing the course of events leading up to the US elections.

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