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After an unhappy ending to his career at PSG, Kylian Mbappé declares his “immense pleasure” upon joining Real Madrid.

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After a tumultuous chapter at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Kylian Mbappé has officially joined Real Madrid in a transfer that was much anticipated. The prolific scorer from France, who signed a contract with the record 15-time Champions League champions, expressed his “immense pleasure” at the news. Real Madrid and Mbappé have entered a new chapter with this momentous trade.

A Realized Dream

Speaking at a press conference prior to France’s European Championship match against Luxembourg in Metz, Mbappé was clearly excited. “It’s official at last. For the next five years, I will play for Real Madrid. It’s a great joy, a dream realized, and a wide range of feelings,” he remarked. “I’m very, very happy, relieved, and very proud to be joining a club where I’ve always dreamed of being.”

Ever since his early days in professional soccer, Mbappé has cherished a long-awaited goal of joining Real Madrid. His presence at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is viewed as the culmination of a dream team: one of the best attackers in the world paired with a Champions League-winning organization.

A Tough Finish at PSG

After seven years at PSG, Mbappé’s career ended under less than ideal circumstances. Tensions and controversy dogged his final season. When he declined to use a one-year contract extension option in July, the situation worsened and he was left out of the preseason tour to Japan. The club made it very obvious that Mbappé could not go for free and that if he did not sign a new contract, he would be sold.

“I was informed of it, helped to grasp it, and everything was extremely obvious. I heard someone speak to me angrily. Mbappé said, “I was certain I wouldn’t play that season.” But he was able to stay on the pitch thanks to the intervention of PSG coach Luis Enrique and soccer advisor Luis Campos. “Without them, I would never have played.”

#### An Uneasy Partnership with PSG Administration

It is said that Mbappé’s relationship with PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi grew more tense, especially after Mbappé publicly proclaimed on X (formerly Twitter) that he was not going to renew his contract, eschewing the club’s media department. This made his final home game against Toulouse, when he was met with jeers from certain supporters, a dull departure without any kind of celebration.

Mbappé emphasized, “I wasn’t unhappy at PSG, that would be to spit in the soup.” “But some things and some people made me unhappy.” He did not mention any names, but his remarks alluded to long-standing problems with the club’s administration.

Obstacles on the Field

Even though Mbappé won the French league and French Cup double and scored 44 goals in 48 games, his season at PSG wasn’t without its difficulties. His performance against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League semifinal was noticeably below average; he failed to score in either leg and shown obvious irritation at PSG’s elimination.

“Someone who’s happy has more chance of playing well, but there are no excuses for some of my performances,” he said. It didn’t live up to my typical expectations. But my greatest pride came from simply playing and winning prizes. However, I won’t be content with a season like that in the following one.”

An Equitable Viewpoint

With a more mature view on his life and work, Mbappé joined Real Madrid. He acknowledged the benefits of his line of work and said, “I get paid a lot to play soccer. Many people who work in factories receive far lower pay. When terrible things occur, it is not proper for me to whine to the world about them. That is the way I was raised.”

PSG’s Legacy

Mbappé leaves an amazing legacy behind as he says goodbye to PSG. With 256 goals, he leaves as the club’s all-time top scorer. His contributions to PSG’s achievements throughout the years are indisputable, despite the difficult conclusion.

Prospects for the Future

Now that he is wearing Real Madrid’s recognizable white shirt, Mbappé is ready to take his career to new heights. The world will be watching Mbappé as he continues to impress on the international front, especially with the European Championship just around the corner, when he will captain the French national team.

In addition to being a major turning point in Mbappé’s career, Real Madrid’s acquisition of him also heralds a new era for one of the most legendary teams in sports. Both supporters and analysts are excited to see what magic he can work at the Bernabéu, and they hope that this partnership will result in more trophies and special moments in the upcoming seasons.

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