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A Large Flame Engulfs the Wiltshire Landfill and Endangers the Neighborhood

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Authorities and locals in Wiltshire are concerned after a significant fire broke out at a dump. When a watchful member of the public alerted authorities to the situation at Hills Waste Solutions in Compton Bassett, close to Calne, at around six o’clock this evening (Sunday), firefighters hurried to the site.

There have been reports of the deployment of three fire officers and at least six fire engines, along with further resources on the way to put out the fire. Wiltshire 999s’ drone footage shows a thick cloud of black smoke rising from the scene, emphasizing how serious the situation is.

A significant amount of waste on the landfill property has been consumed by the fire, indicating that firefighters may have a protracted fight ahead of them. Residents should close their windows and doors to reduce their exposure to the smoke, according to a warning from the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.

This incident is eerily similar to another fire that happened at the same location in April 2022. That fire necessitated multi-day firefighting efforts involving professionals from all across the county.

The existing state of affairs highlights the difficulties presented by landfill fires and highlights the significance of prompt and well-coordinated response actions to minimize possible dangers to the environment and public health.

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