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“Add to Heart” is Walmart’s First Fully Shoppable Series.

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Walmart announces the introduction of “Add to Heart,” a 23-part shoppable series aimed at holiday aficionados, in a ground-breaking move that combines entertainment and commerce. This creative RomCommerce project redefines how viewers interact with content and make purchases by seamlessly integrating purchasing into the viewing experience.

Walmart deliberately capitalizes on the fact that holiday movies are highly favored by Americans and that about 60% of them are interested in making purchases through social media this year. TikTok, Roku, and YouTube will host the series’ debut on December 2; further releases on December 5 and December 8 are planned.

“Add to Heart is a fun, unique way for our customers to be entertained while shopping for the great deals on top brands that they expect from Walmart,” says William White, chief marketing officer of Walmart U.S., underscoring the significance of this initiative.

The series features a wide range of things, including furniture, holiday décor, and clothing worn by the cast, with over 330 of them coming from Walmart. With the help of Roku’s “Ok to Text” feature and TikTok’s Video Shopping Ads, users can easily shop from home or on the go.

“Add to Heart” follows Jessica, the lead character and a designer in New York, as she returns to her birthplace to rediscover love and festive cheer. With heartwarming moments and holiday customs as a backdrop, the series offers an interesting story that is entwined with shopping opportunities.

Walmart’s dedication to innovation is demonstrated by this project, which closes the gap between inspiration and purchase. “Add to Heart” is the latest project in Walmart’s series of efforts to improve the shopping experience, demonstrating the company’s ongoing transformation in the retail sector.

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