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A former restaurant in Billericay is destroyed by its second fire in two years.

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After suffering extensive damage from a fire once before, a former restaurant in Billericay was declared “not structurally sound” by fire officials.

At 06:33 BST, Essex Fire and Rescue Service was called to a building on Laindon Road in Billericay due to a reported fire. The fire, which had spread to the roof and toward a nearby structure, was put out with the help of eight fire men and two aerial appliances.

Reid’s restaurant, which has been shuttered since a fire in July 2022, is currently facing even more destruction. Essex Fire and Rescue Service Commander Mark Elliott raised worries about the integrity of the structure, saying it was already in a “state of disrepair” and was now considered dangerous.

About forty firefighters and members of the support staff participated in this. If the wind picks up, there is an unsupported gable that might fall into the road,” Elliott stated, highlighting attempts to work with local authorities to safeguard the area.

The local population was impacted, and attempts are being made to get the electricity back on. A nearby nursery may have suffered some smoke damage, but thankfully it was spared from the fire.

Locals are extremely devastated by the catastrophe, as many of them have fond memories connected to the structure. Olwyn Bliss, 74, expressed his sorrow over the passing and recalled memorable family get-togethers held there.

After more than ten years of living there, Julie Moat expressed shock at the fire’s reappearance and voiced optimism for a successful outcome despite the uncertainties surrounding the building’s future usage.

The neighborhood’s historical features, like the old school’s stained glass windows, which added to the area’s beauty, are still regarded as potentially salvageable.

Residents and authorities alike prepare for the challenges of repairing and restoring a beloved icon in Billericay while investigations into the origin of the fire continue.

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