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9-Year-Old Saved from West London River by Met Police Officer Showing Unwavering Bravery

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A brave Metropolitan Police officer pulled a nine-year-old child out of the dangerous waters of the River Brent in West London in a spectacular rescue operation. Shortly after 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 30, three officers quickly responded to distress calls in the area of Studland Road, Hanwell.

According to reports, the child was stuck in waist-deep water and was not responding to calls from the public or attempts by the authorities to get in touch. Sergeant Hassaniyeh showed incredible bravery by wading into the water to save the distraught youngster, despite the danger.

They made sure the boy was safely pulled out of the water with the help of PCSO Tupman and PC Dahir, and they quickly gave him over to their ambulance colleagues who were waiting.

Sergeant Yusuf Hassaniyeh said, “There was no hesitation when the call was circulated,” in reflection on the terrifying event. We were committed to getting to the youngster before it was too late because we understood that every second mattered.” Luckily, the child survived the experience unscathed and was quickly reunited with their family.

Acting Chief Inspector Jonathan Hubbard praised the officers’ bravery and said, “They are the epitome of what makes the police service the best.” Their actions may have saved the life of a child, for which we are incredibly proud.”

The Met Police’s prompt and valiant reaction demonstrates their steadfast dedication to public safety and the altruism of law enforcement personnel in the face of peril.

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