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10,000 drones will be sent by the UK to Ukraine

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In a daring step to support Ukraine’s defense capabilities amidst rising tensions, Britain has promised to supply more than 10,000 drones. During a visit to Kiev, UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps reaffirmed this decision.

Mostly designed for reconnaissance, the drones will be a part of a larger £325 million military aid package. Interestingly, about one thousand of these drones are marked as “one-way attack drones,” and the package also contains extra maritime drones.

Following his discussion with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, Shapps underlined the importance of this aid and the UK’s commitment to providing Ukraine with state-of-the-art technology from its military sectors.

This action is being taken in response to Kyiv’s limited force strength, as drones are becoming increasingly important in the Ukrainian conflict. President Zelenskyy recently created the “Unmanned Systems Forces,” uniting drone activities inside Ukraine’s armed forces under a single command, in response to the changing circumstances.

The international community’s attempts to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities in the face of continuous tensions are highlighted by the UK’s decision to provide such significant drone support.

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