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Ireland Will Consider Changing the Constitution’s Outdated Gender Language

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Voters in Ireland will make history by deciding whether to remove antiquated and archaic wording about women’s roles in society from the nation’s constitution. There are two ongoing referendums on this International Women’s Day that aim to repeal the 87-year-old document’s antiquated ideas.

A provision defining marriage as the cornerstone of the family is the subject of the first referendum. The definition of family is being urged to be expanded by voters to include more than simply married couples. It would be the 39th amendment to the Irish Constitution if it is approved.

The 40th proposed amendment seeks to eliminate language that restricts women to household responsibilities and stipulates their financial reliance on males. Rather, it promotes a more all-encompassing strategy that places a strong emphasis on family support for caregivers.

Ireland’s social transformation from a conservative, Catholic-dominated country to a more progressive and varied society is the driving force behind the desire for these referendums. This continuous shift is reflected in past constitutional amendments that have legalized abortion, same-sex marriage, and divorce.

In support of these amendments, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar highlights the need to update the constitution to reflect modern family dynamics and advance gender equality. The debates are still contentious despite broad support from major parties, including the opposition and allies in the ruling coalition. Concerns are voiced regarding ambiguous phrasing and unforeseen effects.

The future of these amendments is in the hands of Irish voters, since polls are open until 10 p.m. tonight. The results, which are anticipated to be released on Saturday afternoon or evening, will represent a major advancement for gender equality and Irish society.

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