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X Offers All Users Free Audio and Video Calls

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A major step toward improving user connectivity, X has announced that its video and audio calling capability is now available to non-paying customers. This change represents a break from the feature’s prior restriction to premium subscribers, when it was known as Twitter Blue.

Engineer at X Enrique Barragan used the opportunity to share this amazing development. When the app was first released last year, it was only available to iOS users. Those who had a premium service subscription could make calls from within the app. This calculated action fit with X’s goal of becoming into the all-inclusive platform that visionary Elon Musk had in mind.

Even after that, early this year, the feature was only available to premium members on Android smartphones. Elon Musk did, nevertheless, declare at the finish of January that the business intends to democratize audio-video calling as soon as it gains assurance over its resilience. This choice is in line with X’s dedication to providing accessible and inclusive products and services.

Before, users who didn’t pay had to sign up for X Premium in order to utilize Direct Messages (DMs) to make calls. All accounts may now make and receive calls, though, according to a recent upgrade. Remarkably, in order to activate this feature—likely put in place to improve user security and privacy—both parties need to have communicated via direct messages in the past.

Barragan also revealed that, therefore increasing the range of communication options, users may now choose to accept calls from anybody on the app. Users will discover that the audio and video calling capability is immediately activated when they check the DMs’ Settings menu, but it is only set up to accept calls from accounts they follow. For those who want a more transparent contact method, users can choose to accept calls from “Everyone”.

In a statement, X welcomed customers to experiment with the recently unveiled functionality, stressing that it will be rolled out gradually to guarantee peak performance. X reiterates its dedication to promoting inclusive and easy communication among its wide range of users with this upgrade.

The launch of free audio and video conversations marks a major step towards X’s lofty goal of connectedness and integration as it continues to develop into a diverse platform. It is recommended that users take use of this new feature and use it to improve their relationships with other members of the X community.

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