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X Increases Security by Providing Passkey Logins to iOS Users Across the Globe

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X (formerly Twitter) has expanded support for passkey logins outside of the US and is now providing this option to iOS users globally in an effort to increase security for its customers. This extension comes after passkey functionality for iOS users was first made available in the US in January of this year.

When compared to typical passwords, passkeys offer greater protection and constitute a significant development in account security. Passkeys are meant to withstand risks like social engineering and phishing, unlike passwords, which are vulnerable to these kinds of assaults. They work by generating a special key pair that acts as the user’s credential for digital authentication.

Passkeys function by creating a key pair when a user activates and configures a passkey login. One of these keys is accessible to the service handling the login, and the other key is kept locally on the user’s device. The service needs to link its key with the user’s device’s locally stored key in order to confirm the user’s identity. This procedure guarantees that the account will be safe even if one of the key pairs is compromised.

In order to enable passkey logins on X for iOS, users need to do the following actions:

  1. On their iPhone, launch the X app.
  2. Within their account, navigate to “Settings and privacy”.
  3. Find “Passkey” under “Additional password protection” under “Security and account access.”

Users will verify their identity using their smartphone passcode or biometric credentials (such Face ID or Touch ID) after setting up a passkey. By making the login process simpler, this expedited authentication process not only increases security but also enhances user experience.

Regretfully, X has not revealed any intentions to expand passkey support to Android users, so it’s unclear when this will happen.

Passkey logins, which provide a strong substitute for conventional passwords, mark a substantial advancement in user security. X wants to provide iOS users all throughout the world better security against illegal access to their accounts with this global release. It is recommended that users utilize this tool in order to further secure their online identity.

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