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Workers start removing shipping containers from the collapsed Dali ship at the Key Bridge.

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The removal of shipping containers from the ship Dali, which caused the Francis Scott Key Bridge to collapse on March 26, marked a major advancement in efforts to open the Port of Baltimore’s shipping channel.

In an effort to reduce weight and improve mobility, the Key Bridge Response Unified Command stated on Sunday that work is being done to remove containers and bridge components that are blocking the vessel’s bow.

David O’Connell, a Coast Guard captain, stressed the need for safety and effectiveness in the current operations and stated his intention to have the port operating at full capacity by the end of May.

During his visit to Baltimore, President Joe Biden reiterated government support for bridge rebuilding, promising full cost coverage and pressing Congress to act quickly to obtain authorization.

Sadly, the incident’s death toll rises with the discovery of a construction worker’s body; three people are verified dead and three more are believed to be deceased. Over the weekend, workers removed a 156-ton portion of the bridge successfully in the excellent weather; removal work will continue depending on the forecast.

Eleven cargo ships are stuck in the port while they wait to be cleared through temporary channels, indicating that ongoing difficulties still exist.

Response teams are working together to lessen the impact of the bridge collapse on maritime traffic, with a focus on the safe and prompt repair of essential transportation infrastructure.

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