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While Iowa recuperates from tornado damage, the Midwest is hit by more severe weather.

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Just days after a devastating tornado rocked Greenfield, Iowa, multiple tornadoes slammed Iowa and Illinois on Friday, causing considerable damage as storms ripped down trees and power lines. Tornadoes were reported to have touched down near Moline, Illinois, and in the Des Moines suburbs, south of Iowa City, according to the National Weather Service. Thankfully, there were no recorded fatalities or injuries.

Overnight, a massive storm system formed in Nebraska and moved into central Iowa and into Illinois. Recovery efforts have been made more difficult by the heavy rainfall that some areas of Iowa experienced over the past week—up to eight inches.

During a thunderstorm, a church in Madison, Wisconsin, caught fire. Before the fire at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church was put out, Nate Moll, a neighbor, heard thunder and electrical noises.

An hour-long tornado that made landfall in Oklahoma on Thursday night damaged buildings and electrical lines in Jackson County and the surrounding areas.

Severe weather is predicted to continue across the United States over Memorial Day weekend, with a high danger of tornadoes in Kansas and Oklahoma on Saturday. Low humidity and strong winds can cause wildfires in New Mexico.

Since May is the busiest month for tornadoes and other severe weather in the United States, Matt Elliott of the Storm Prediction Center stressed the need of being vigilant when it comes to impending thunderstorms.

The people of Greenfield, Iowa, are still cleaning up from the destructive tornado that struck on Tuesday. Along with damaging over 100 residences and a wind farm, the storm claimed four lives and injured thirty-five. An more death transpired when a woman’s vehicle was blown off the road. Dean and Pam Wiggins, who were warmly remembered by their grandchildren and the community, were among the victims.

Another resident of Greenfield, Bill Yount, compared the aftermath like a bomb scene. He sought refuge in a closet in order to survive.

Three strong tornadoes tore a 130-mile trail over Iowa on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. Large hail and destructive winds might be brought to Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky by this weekend’s storms. On Monday, severe thunderstorms are predicted to hit the Mid-Atlantic region.

Strong upper-level winds and the collision of warm, humid Gulf of Mexico air with cold, dry Canadian air heighten the likelihood of tornadoes in May.

As the weekend wears on, locals are asked to remain watchful and ready for severe weather.

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