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Wearing an Apple Vision Pro on his wedding day, the tech-savvy groom stirs some controversy.

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A California software programmer stunned his fiancée on their wedding day by putting on his Apple Vision Pro headset in a scenario out of a future wedding. On February 10, in front of a gorgeous Utah mountain range, IT whiz Jacob Wright and his elegant wife Cambree exchanged vows. Wright works for an AI business.

In the middle of the beautiful setting, Cambree’s distinct disapproving expression was captured in the couple’s wedding pictures as she held her bouquet, while Jacob appeared to be lost in his own virtual universe. “I try not to look because it’s a little uncanny and creepy,” Cambree said, expressing her distaste for her husband’s futuristic trinket. “When he’s in the Apple Vision Pro, I let him do his thing.”

At $3,500, users may have an immersive virtual reality experience with the Apple Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset that seamlessly blends digital material into the user’s physical environment. The distinction between the actual and virtual worlds might become more hazy as users navigate utilizing voice commands, hand gestures, and eye motions.

But Cambree’s anxiety peaked when she had to physically protect Jacob’s headset during their picture session because she thought he could try to wear it during the serious wedding ceremony. Cambree refused to give in to Jacob’s insistence that they include the device in their formal wedding photos, letting him use it just for the reception.

To Cambree’s dismay, however, Jacob gave in to the temptation of his Apple Vision Pro and used it for a brief dance floor adventure during the festivities. His insistence, “Hey baby, can we get pictures with the Apple Vision Pro?” was what Cambree remembered about her spouse. “And then I turn around one minute and he has it on.”

Online comments to Jacob’s unorthodox decision ranged from lighthearted jokes to subdued worries. People on social media didn’t take long to respond, with one making light of spouses’ return policies and another making jokes about filing for divorce. Many saw Cambree’s poignant look in the wedding pictures and took it as a subliminal critique of Jacob’s infatuation with gadgets.

Since its recent debut, the Apple Vision Pro has attracted interest in the tech community, but there has been some debate about its adoption. San Diego police released a warning statement only last week after coming across a person using the headgear while crossing the street. The event, which was caught on camera, brought attention to the possible dangers of incorporating such cutting-edge technology into daily life.

The story of Jacob and Cambree’s wedding day serves as a poignant reminder of the fine line that must be drawn between love and technology, tradition and innovation, as they set off on their journey as newlyweds. Even while Jacob’s love of cutting-edge technology upset some people, it eventually serves as evidence of how marriage has changed in the digital era.

Perhaps the story of Jacob and Cambree acts as a gentle reminder to take a minute to stop, think, and embrace the moments that really matter—whether they happen in the actual world or the virtual one—in a world where the lines separating reality from virtuality are becoming increasingly hazy.

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