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Waymo Recalls 672 Autonomous Vehicles After Collision in Arizona

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Waymo, a division of Alphabet, said on Thursday that it was recalling 672 of its autonomous cars following a May collision in Phoenix, Arizona, involving one of the vehicles. This judgment comes after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a comprehensive investigation that started in May in response to 22 allegations of Waymo’s robotaxis engaging in “unexpected behavior,” including 17 crashes and possibly dangerous driving behaviors.

The particular event that led to the recall happened in an alleyway while the self-driving car was pulling over at a slow pace. Thankfully, there were no reported casualties from the crash.

Waymo released a software upgrade to improve the cars’ detection and reaction to items resembling poles in response to the event and the ensuing inquiry. To avoid future occurrences of this kind, the business has also implemented extensive mapping updates and enhancements throughout its fleet.

The need for strict safety regulations in autonomous cars was brought to light by the NHTSA’s inquiry into Waymo’s self-driving technology. The recall highlights the continued difficulties and complications involved in the advancement and use of autonomous vehicle technology. Waymo is still dedicated to improving its technologies to guarantee the greatest standards of dependability and safety.

This recall shows Waymo’s proactive commitment to preserving the integrity of its fleet of self-driving cars and is a major step in resolving safety concerns. Waymo hopes to reassure authorities and the general public about the effectiveness and safety of its autonomous vehicles with these fresh upgrades.

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