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Vermont Police Department Issues An Apology After Students See Phony Robberies and Gunshots

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The controversial simulated shooting situation that occurred during a visit by Burlington High School students has prompted an apology from the Burlington Police Department in Vermont. As part of their school’s Year End Studies (YES) forensics program, the kids were present at the station.

Cops called the exercise a “role-playing scenario,” in which three policemen pretended to be robbers replete with gunshots. Although staff and students witnessed the incident, the scenario was not directed at them, according to a department news release. Two shouting women and a man in a mask made for a scenario that seemed more like a practical joke than a demonstration. One student told Vermont Public that she was not aware of the scheduled simulation.

The student claimed, “It was laughed about afterwards.” “It just made it feel like a prank, basically — not much of a demonstration.”

According to the police department, school administrators were informed ahead of time of the specifics of the scenario. Concerning whether the use of fictitious firearms in the pretend shooting would be appropriate for the kids, the department notified the YES program staff on May 23, 2024. In response, the YES program officials said they will let parents and students know.

The police department has called a meeting with the students on Friday to talk about the presentation and its effects in reaction to the backlash. Parents are worried about this incident; one mother expressed concern that it would make kids more fearful of gun violence. “A school shooting is a very real threat to kids these days,” she said to the local publication Seven Days. They are concerned about it.”

This event brings to light the increasing awareness of gun violence and school safety, emphasizing the necessity for caution in student-participated training and educational simulations.

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