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Union Square Comes Alive with Thousands of People Picking Flowers During the Tulip Festival

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Today Union Square came alive with flower enthusiasts, drawing large crowds anxious to see a stunning display of 80,000 tulips and even take some home. It was like an early spring bloom in San Francisco.

The free tulip festival, which was organized by the city, the Dutch Consulate General, and neighborhood associations, brought much-needed energy to the retail area, which has recently seen difficulties, such as the upcoming closure of Macy’s flagship store.

Eager visitors started lining up hours in early, creating lines that wound across the square and nearby streets, even though the event didn’t officially open until 1 p.m. Both local and out-of-town visitors had conflicting opinions on Union Square’s current status and the possibility that gatherings like this one may revitalize the neighborhood.

While some, like Sacramento resident Ocean Tran and his family, regarded the tulip festival as part of a larger vacation to the city and indicated plans to explore local sights following the event, others, like San Francisco resident Annalise Martin, bemoaned the lack of attractions.

The large number of attendees, however, created logistical difficulties as the queue became chaotic and city ambassadors had to step in to stop people from cutting or saving places. Before exiting the line, participants had to snap a selfie with an ambassador in order to keep the peace.

Some, like the Lira siblings Janet and Richard, were disappointed that the festival was over because they arrived too late to get any tulips and were met by confused patrons and unhelpful personnel. They were still resolved to make the most of their stay in the city in spite of this setback.

The city’s resiliency and the community’s enduring spirit are underscored by the tulip festival, which captivates San Francisco every year and heralds a vibrant and colorful spring season.

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