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Unidentified Monument Found in Nevada Desert, According to a Las Vegas Police Report

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In the Nevada desert, a “mysterious” monolith has been found close to Gass Peak, the Las Vegas Metro Police said on social media on Monday. The reflecting construction was discovered over the weekend in the well-liked hiking region, which is well-known for its almost 7,000-foot summit. It was discovered by the Las Vegas search and rescue team.

Inexplicable Presence Close to Gass Peak

How the monolith got to its current location, north of the Las Vegas Valley, is still a mystery to the authorities. “We see a lot of weird things when people go hiking like not being prepared for the weather, not bringing enough water… but check this out!” the cops said on the picture, expressing their amazement.

A Word on Hiking Safety

Police used this statement to warn people of important safety procedures to take when hiking. Hikers were advised to:

– Check the weather forecast

– Carry sufficient water and food

– Bring a light source

– Ensure phones are fully charged

Comparable Worldwide Monolith Observations

This enigmatic monolith in Nevada has joined a group of such constructions that have been seen all across the world. A 10-foot-tall rock that surfaced on a hill in Wales earlier this year aroused attention and conjecture. 2020 saw the discovery of yet another mysterious monolith in southeast Utah, and then others in Romania, Colorado, and California. Numerous people think that these monoliths are artwork, equating them with the famous monolith from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Gass Peak: The Place for Hikers to Go

Situated around 20 miles north of Las Vegas, Gass Peak is the highest point in the Las Vegas Range of Southern Nevada. It is a popular destination for hikers looking for difficult paths and breathtaking scenery.

Authorities and the general public are still fascinated by the monolith’s most recent enigmatic apparition in the Nevada desert as they continue their research into its genesis.

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