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Unauthorized Chinese Immigration Raises Concerns for Guam’s National Security

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Republican representative Moylan stated that the growing number of undocumented Chinese immigrants entering Guam, a U.S. territory in the Indo-Pacific area, poses a serious threat. During a rare interview with Fox News Digital, Moylan conveyed his profound apprehension regarding the ongoing flood of migrants, who are predominantly from the Northern Mariana Islands.

Moylan underlined the concerning prospect that certain Chinese people on the island would be gathering intelligence for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), posing a serious threat to American military stations on Guam. This is only one of the possible risks that could arise. A Coast Guard rescue operation, allegations of several dozen coming by boat in June, and accusations against a boat captain and others for transferring Chinese nationals illegally are among the recent events.

Despite the fact that this is a federal matter, Moylan took issue with the Biden administration’s lack of action to address the dilemma. He communicated with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last month to voice his concerns regarding the immigration of citizens of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Citing the recent finding of 60 pounds of cocaine on a Guam beach, he encouraged ICE to look into and take action, especially related narcotics trafficking.

Moylan exposed ICE’s lack of responsiveness, casting doubt on the federal government’s commitment to dealing with the problem. He also revealed incidents of malware and hacking by the Chinese Communist Party on the island, which is consistent with the recent alert issued by FBI Director Christopher Wray on Chinese hackers who aim to damage Americans.

Guam, the westernmost U.S. island in the Indo-Pacific, is home to important military complexes including Anderson Air Force Base and Naval Base Guam, which are vital to the country’s defense. Guam’s closeness to Beijing and susceptibility to nuclear-capable missiles from China and North Korea are causes for concern.

Moylan emphasized the need for bipartisan support in Congress and the initiatives being taken to fortify Guam’s defenses. He brought up the National Defense Authorization Act of 2024, which approved spending on missile defense and military buildings. The intention is to demonstrate the “strength of the nation” and dissuade possible threats from the CCP.

Moylan emphasized the strategic importance of Guam for US national security as tensions rise, stressing the necessity of defending the island’s citizens and armed forces as well as upholding peace in the Indo-Pacific area.

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