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UN Approves First Artificial Intelligence Resolution with Unanimity

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The first-ever global resolution on artificial intelligence (AI) was unanimously adopted by the UN General Assembly today, making history. The resolution seeks to guarantee the preservation of human rights in the quickly changing field of artificial intelligence, strengthen the security of personal data, and establish monitoring systems for hazards associated to AI.

The resolution, which was led by the US and with the support of 123 other states, was unanimously approved without a vote, indicating the unanimity of support among the 193 UN members.

The resolution, according to US Vice President Kamala Harris, is a significant step forward because it lays out a roadmap for how countries might use AI to its full potential while reducing related risks.

This historic resolution highlights a growing global effort to influence AI research in the face of concerns that technology could undermine democratic processes, commit fraud, and cause significant employment displacement.

The resolution warns that the protection, advancement, and enjoyment of fundamental human rights and freedoms may be jeopardized by the incorrect or malicious design, development, deployment, and use of AI systems. It also expressly acknowledges the risks associated with these activities.

This comes after earlier efforts, such as an international accord to protect AI from rogue actors that was presented in November by the US, UK, and other countries. The European Union has recently adopted a provisional agreement to regulate artificial intelligence (AI), putting the region at the forefront of implementing comprehensive AI governance. This indicates that efforts in Europe have advanced significantly.

Polarization has impeded progress in Congress despite US President Joe Biden’s administration’s support for AI regulation. But through executive orders, the White House has addressed the concerns associated with AI, placing a focus on national security, worker rights, consumer protection, and minority inclusion.

The UN resolution’s approval marks a significant advancement in global AI governance and establishes a standard for concerted action to maximize the advantages of AI innovation while avoiding any possible risks.

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