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Trump’s Probation Interview is Set on Monday After Conviction

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As a result of his criminal conviction in the hush money case, the former president Trump’s probation interview is scheduled for Monday, as per a source acquainted with the arrangements.

An interview is a required component of the sentencing procedure for offenders found guilty of felonies in New York state court. In the end, a report from the probation officer will help the judge decide on the appropriate sentence.

According to the source, Trump would participate digitally in the interview from Palm Beach, Florida.

In less than two weeks, a New York jury convicted Trump guilty on all 34 counts of using false company documents to conceal a hush money payment with the intention of using that information to illegally influence the 2016 presidential race. This verdict precedes the interview. Although Trump has promised to appeal, it was the first criminal conviction for a former US president.

Todd Blanche, the principal defense attorney for Trump in the case, was granted permission to attend his client’s interrogation by Judge Juan Merchan, who presided over the most recent trial, on Friday. The office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) did not object to the request.

Merchan had announced that Trump will have a probation interview shortly after the decision was read aloud in court.

“A probation report will be ordered,” Merchan declared. “Mr. Blanche, you will receive instructions from the court clerk on how to arrange the interview and obtain the probation report.”

The New York probation officer will compile information on Trump’s past criminal history—which is none—employment history, and financial situation for the report. State law additionally mandates that the report include information regarding the defendant’s “physical and mental condition,” if it is available.

The date of Trump’s sentence is July 11. The majority of first-time offenders found guilty on Trump’s charges escape jail time, and the former president’s legal team has indicated that they will press the judge to spare the former president from prison. Any penalty the judge imposes could also be postponed by their appeal.

When contacted regarding the probation interview, Steven Cheung, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, referred to the case as a “witch hunt.”

“President Trump and his legal staff are already making the required preparations to contest and win the unlawful Manhattan District Attorney case. In a statement, Cheung added, “The American People will not fall for the Biden-directed Hoaxes and will hold Crooked Joe and his comrades accountable this fall.”

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