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Tory Candidate for By-Election Promises to Protect Green Belt and Term Limits

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Unexpectedly, Sam Bromiley, the Tory candidate seeking the Kingswood by-election, announced that he would only be serving for a “few months” and that he would “absolutely not” run in the next election. Protecting the green belt from planned house developments is the main priority for Bromiley, as it aims to save these treasured areas for coming generations.

In an attempt to unseat departing Tory MP Chris Skidmore, Bromiley objected to the government’s plan to guarantee annual rounds of oil and gas licensing. His decision is the result of a deep-seated desire to defend the green belt from large-scale housing developments that the local government has suggested.

Concerned about Labour’s housing policies and Keir Starmer’s position on protecting the green belt, Bromiley promises to push for this cause in his limited time in Parliament. Initiatives that could jeopardize the environment and the welfare of the local community are fiercely opposed by him.

Nevertheless, Bromiley is unwavering in his resolve to forgo running for office again, citing a desire to maintain ties to his neighborhood and family. Even if Skidmore and Bromiley have different political philosophies, especially when it comes to net zero policy, Bromiley stresses the value of cooperation and efficient government, particularly in this crucial election year.

Stay tuned for further developments as Bromiley’s short-lived parliamentary journey unfolds, promising to advocate fervently for environmental conservation and community interests.

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